Jill Hanass-Hancock challenges you to “Go the Extra Mile”!

Open water swimmer Jill Hanass-Hancock challenges you to go the extra mile. Giving to people in need is not always easy for ordinary people with busy schedules. The researcher and mother of two, is out to challenge this conviction by swimming in the Midmar Mile on 12th February 2012.

Confronted daily with challenging stories of disability, Jill found it increasingly difficult to conduct her research without giving back to the very people whose lives touched hers. Instead of focusing on the doom and gloom, the Hancock family decided to start fundraising through sport, something they and many others love so much. Jill has been training for this event and recently swam a 3km open-water race in 42.58 min which will quality her for South African colors in her age group. At the age of 39, she is now ready to swim the 2012 Midmar Mile, with the aim of being among the first 3 contestants in event 5. She also holds the KZN 1500F age record.

The Midmar Mile is the biggest swimming event in the world (by numbers) and close to home. Anyone can participate, with no limits of age or disability status. It seems to be the perfect event for Jill‟s mission. Together with the QuadPara Association KwaZulu-Natal (QAK), she intends to dedicate this race to people and children with disabilities, hoping to make a difference to the daily lives of as many people as possible. Please go with Jill “the extra mile” by either 1) Sending this post to a friend with the email option at the end of this story, 2) Donating to QAK (details below); or 3) Swimming the Midmar Mile with Jill.

Tools for Life
The swim is intended to raise money to buy assistance devices for at least 10 people who experience disability due to HIV/AIDS. These devices, such as wheelchairs, crutches or blind canes enable people with impairments to lead active lives and be part of their community. The QuadPara Association of KwaZulu-Natal is going to fundraise specifically for this purpose. As an organisation with years of experience in assisting people in need, QAK is ideally placed to deliver on this mission.

From Mother to Mother

Understanding how difficult it is to raise children that are „different‟, Jill also intends to raise funds for the rehabilitation of 10 children with disabilities and their mothers. Donations will be collected by QAK, in collaboration with “Khetiwe”, who will provide the therapy for these children. Khetiwe is regarded as a Therapy Centre of excellence for those who cannot afford the limited rehabilitative services in KwaZulu-Natal. It is a place where children with Cerebral Palsy and other neurological impairments can go for treatment and which also serves as a safe haven for mothers and families to learn the skills they need to support their children in the best possible way.

Please support “The extra Mile” event through your donations to the QuadPara Association KwaZulu-Natal (QAK) or by swimming the Mile with Jill: For donations contact QuadPara-Association KZN ACCOUNT DETAILS: QuadPara Association of KZN Nedbank Branch 133926 Acc. # 1336 008652 Reference: “extra mile”.

For the participation in the swimming event please contact Jill Hanass-Hancock: Jillhanass@gmx.de or on facebook Jill.hanass.hacock . To enter the race, please register under www.midmarmile.co.za